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How Playing an Instrument Makes You Smarter

Learning a new instrument is like learning a new language. Those who know more than one language, tend to have minds that operate much more robustly. They are open able to analyse things a myriad of perspective. They have flexibility of thought and enjoy improved concentration.

Learning to read music also plays a role in improving one's memory capacity. For those are at their golden years, learning to play music can help in the prevention of dementia by keeping the mind active. After all, the brain is a muscle and as with all muscles, the more frequently they are used, the stronger they get and the less they are likely to suffer a decline in utility.

The joys of playing and hearing music can also help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. A mind full of health and vitality is no doubt more likely to operate more efficiently and consistently.

Learning music from different eras also educates you on the cultures prevalent at those respective times. Not only does this improve your overall general knowledge, it also develops a certain openness of mind in you.

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