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Classical Guitar vs Acoustic Guitar Differences

One question that you may have as a new beginner of the instrument is "what is the difference between a classical and an acoustic guitar?'

There are in fact several differences between these two versions of the instrument and they are as follows:

Classical Guitar

1. Nylon strings (even the lower strings which are metal plated possess a core made of nylon fiber)

2. Wider fretboard width as compared with its acoustic counterpart

3. More mellow warm sounding

Acoustic Guitar

1. Steel strings

2. Narrow fretboard

3. More bright sounding

More differences between these to variations include the bridge parts of the guitar, the manner in which the strings are strung on the respective guitar types and the genre of music these guitar are most suitable for.

All this said, which then? of these two types, is most suitable for the new beginner?

The answer is the Classical Guitar/Nylon-stringed guitar..hands down!


Few reasons:

1. The softer strings of the classical guitar are more gentle on the fingertips of beginners.

2. The wider fret board width prevents the beginner from overlapping strings when pressing down on the frets of the guitar.

3. The strings of the classical guitar tend to last longer as steel rusts pretty quickly requiring the changing of strings on a more frequently basis.

Best Sounding Budget Friendly Classical guitar for Beginners?

Recommendation: Yamaha C-40


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