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Whether you’re an aspiring classical or acoustic guitarist looking to further your knowledge of the instrument or simply a beginner looking to pick up a new skill, look no further. With our variety of courses, exceptional teaching and encouraging environment, there's definitely something you can utilise to further your musical ambitions.


About Guitar Guru

Guitar Guru is a music school in Singapore that offers classical and acoustic guitar tuition to aspiring guitarists. Courses are run by a freelance guitar instructor who has experience tutoring over a hundred students and counting (ensemble/small group/individual). The instructor also has knowledge of the various international guitar exam syllabi such as those from Trinity College London and provides instruction for students who sit for these exams. All lessons are conducted at the instructor's residence at The Shaughnessy, Singapore (Khatib-nearest MRT).

Available Courses

The courses below are suitable for both adults and children above the age of 7 and involve the playing of either the classical nylon-string guitar or the steel-string acoustic guitar. Materials and instruments are provided during the courses for the students at no additional cost. Lessons must be at least once a week. Flexible arrangements for working adults are available upon request.

Guitar Strings

Guitar Fundamentals Course
(Est. 8 Sessions)

Students can expect to learn a variety of essential concepts such as correct posture, left and right hand  fretting and fingerpicking techniques, basic music theory, common chords and simple strumming patterns. Students are also taught how to replace the strings on their guitar and how to maintain them.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Intermediate Guitar Course
(Est. 16 Sessions)

This course is most suitable for those who either have completed the Guitar Fundamentals Course or have the basic background knowledge to play the instrument but wish to refine and further improve their playing ability. Intermediate fingerpicking styles, advanced strumming patterns, and a variety of intermediate songs from various genres will be taught.

Guitar Performance

Recreational/POP Guitar Course
(Est. 16 Sessions)

Learn to play the guitar without having to read musical notation. This course is targeted at students who simply wish to learn some songs recreationally. The tabulature method is adopted for ease of learning songs.

Image by Hannah Gullixson

Classical Guitar Course
(Est. 4-6months per grade)

Learn to play songs from Beethovan, J.S Bach and many more! Exam preparation instruction is also provided for those who wish to sit for the graded Trinity or ABRSM classical guitar examinations.


Why should you learn with us?

Step-by -Step Coaching

Avoid all the common pitfalls faced by self-taught learners and speed up the learning process while having fun at the same time.

Wide range of resources

Our resources are pegged to international standards of guitar pedagogy allowing you to receive the best musical instruction possible.

Non-judgmental approach

Great care is taken to ensure that the student feels completely at home during lessons without the fear of being judged in relation to his learning pace.

Flexible arrangements

Whilst lessons are once per week, timings can be changed with advance notice given to suit the schedules of working adults.



What They’re Saying


Impeccable instruction, and highly patient. Skilled at innovative ways to teach students, and will identify and play to strengths of students (strumming, plucking etc.). Affordable and flexible in timing.

Liang Wei

He is a very patience mentor which will pick out your mistake and correct you in each individual preferred way. Encourages us to participate in mini performance to boost our motivation and coordination skills between other guitarist. It’s fun and enjoyable learning from him.

Michelle Tan

Tutor was extremely patient with me. I was able to perform a song that I desperately wanted to play by the end of the course. One thing off the bucket list done. His guidance was great!


Band Practice

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything


Lesson Prices

Do take some time to read carefully our terms and cancellation policies as indicated below.


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The Shaughnessy Condominium, Bus 117 from opposite Khatib or Yishun MRT bus stop.

+65 92347292



Individual Coaching (8 sessions)

Lessons once per week. 45-50mins per lesson. 1 cancellation/make-up allowed every 8 lessons. Additional cancellations will result in forfeiture of the missed lesson's fee. Students may change the timing of the lessons each week subject to the availability of the instructor. No refunds are provided upon commencement.


Group Enrolment (8 sessions)

Lessons once per week. 60mins per lesson. 1 cancellation/make-up allowed per student every 8 lessons. Additional cancellations will result in forfeiture of the missed lesson's fee. Students may change the timing of the lessons each week subject to the availability of the instructor. No refunds are provided upon commencement.


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